12 Apr: Cloud Incubator HUB. How do they do It?

By: Cloud Incubator Hub

The project started at the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain) at the end of 2011 in order to facilitate the creation of technology startups as a way to improve economic development and reduce existing unemployment.


18 Feb: Why You Need To Shape Your Startup To Scale Up Globally

By: Twist Digital
Today the majority of early and mid-stage startups opt to focus on a single country strategy, rather than starting with a global vision. Indeed often at this stage, startups ignore globalizing their product in order to focus on other priorities, quickly creating a country-specific MVP.


17 Feb: Big Brother in the Bathroom: AMA with Intel’s VP of IoT

By BluSpecs Innovation

At the start of December, we launched our first Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Intel’s VP of IoT, Philip Moynagh.

With our focus on IoT and thanks to our partners at the Ryan Academy, we were delighted to have the Vice-President of Intel’s Internet of Things group, Philip Moynagh who views IoT as the merging of the physical world with the digital economy that is set to make the internet as we know it look like an opening act.


12 Feb: What does it take to become a successful entrepreneur? Interview with Compedia founder Shai Newman

By Thomas Ohr.

Founded in 1988, Compedia is a global leader in the development of interactive educational systems, content and technology. The Israel-based company specialized in creating engagement through gamification, re-inventing the way people interact with educational and professional content. Compedia’s internationally awarded products have already taught millions of people, in 50 countries, speaking 35 languages.


11 Feb: How Can European Startups Become the Best? Find Out.

By Edite Cruz.

Yes, Brussels does talk “startup”! If you follow my Facebook account you’ve seen that since starting my role at Beta-i, I’m more often than not in Brussels. And you’re probably wondering what is that all about: Brussels and startups?! Well, there is an awful lot happening in Brussels regarding startups and a considerable number of people, both at the Commission and in other organisations, focusing in creating a globally competitive Startup Industry in Europe.