The Top Cafe founder tells us her story!

Noelia Rippol is the CEO co-founder of The Top Café and she came to Madrid all over from Málaga with a single aim: to make her app grow.

The purpose of The Top Café is to create a social network for coffee lovers in order to pinpoint all cafes that serve specialty coffee and have quality standards according to coffee. Its aim is to reward cafes that understand and share the value of offering a top quality product such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate, so in the end, (good) coffee culture would develop in Spain.

She came to Madrid because of the great opportunities the city offers and its connections within Spain and the rest of Europe (and the world), instead of picking other locations as London or Barcelona.


While sharing a coffee, she confesses that after being a year in Madrid, her project has grown more than it did when working on it for three years while she was in Málaga. Because of spaces as Campus Madrid, created by Google, she has heard the stories of many entrepreneurs and learned from the Madrid startup community in order to take decisions for the development of her startup. 
If I am in Madrid, I can think about visiting the New York Coffee festival because I can fly there in six hours, or I can attend to a startup related fair in London… but living in Malaga that’s not even possible”
She believes that the biggest problem among entrepreneur women is conciliation, as almost  in every sector.
There are many women who are confortable with what they do. Even though if they have a good idea they would like to carry out, they don’t because it is risky. For instance my friends are thinking about having babies but that is not even thinkable for me! It is just about having priorities.”
 The app is available at Google Play and the App Store.

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